Rock n Roll

'Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra,
Everybody Here Can Be In The Band,
Planet Earth Rock And Roll Dream '

Paul Kantner (Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra)


 So is back and ready to grow. Just like my ol' Pappy should have said.

 "When you fall down, set a spell and enjoy the view."

  Planet Earth Rock and Roll Radio is growing and we have quite a few new links in our Broadcast section, as well as some free downloads. Of course we still offer the exclusive CD release of Paul Kantner's Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra. All the other PERRO Family releases will be available soon with special packaging. We have a great Blows Against the Empire/Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra package that includes a free disk (check the store for details). We have much more from the SF Bay Area Bands as well as a shipload of great psychedelic surprises from all over the Universe.

  Hope you can stop by for a taste test!

Rick McNamara
Site keeper and amateur astronaut